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Picasso Metamorphosi

From October 18 2018 to February 17 2019 - Palazzo Reale

The project is part of an itinerary devoted to the great artist that Palazzo Reale has been developing for decades: a genuine cycle of Picasso exhibitions that has made the relationship between the Spanish master and Milan a special one. It all started with the display of Guernica in the Sala delle Cariatidi (Hall of Caryatids) in 1953: a remarkable event and a genuine gift to the city from Picasso. Almost half a century later, this was followed by the grand retrospective exhibition organized, in collaboration with the artist's heirs, in September 2001, four days after the attack on the Twin Towers. Finally, the monographic exhibition of 2012 provided a chronological overview of the different techniques and means of expression marking the Spanish master's oeuvre.
With Picasso Metamorphosis the focus shifts to the various expressions of antiquity to be found in the mythologies reinvented by Picasso and illustrated in six sections through the juxtaposition of works by the great artist and ancient ones – pottery, statues, votive plaques, reliefs, idols, and stelae – that have inspired and deeply influenced him.
The exhibition Picasso Metamorphosis therefore, aims to delve into the intimate workshop of a world-class artist in the light of the ancient sources that have inspired his work. But it also aims to reveal the underlying mechanisms of a unique alchemy that set antiquity at the heart of modernity, and which proved crucial for 20th-century art.


Picasso Metamorphosi
  The project is part of an itinerary devoted to the great artist that Palazzo Reale has been developing...

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